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Welcome to the jfig download page: class archives, documentation, and a few examples and FIG libraries (cliparts). You can also download precompiled fig2dev binaries for Windows and Mac OSX. Please read and agree to the LICENSE before downloading any of the following archives.

To run the jfig editor, you will need to download either the "jfig3.jar" archive file with the jfig editor, or the "jfig3-itext.jar" archive file which also includes the iText PDF-export functions. You can also download and run these archives automatically via the Java Webstart installler from our webstart page.

If you don't like the built-in export functions of jfig, you may also want to download the precompiled binaries of the fig2dev exporting utility, for example for EPS and LaTeX export.

Notes about downloading

Most of the following files are archives in compressed JAR-format (extension ".jar") or ZIP-format (extension ".zip"). Please make sure to download all archive files in binary mode. For example, in Mozilla or Internet Explorer use right-click, then select "save link as". Remember that you don't need to unpack the JAR-format files. To unpack the ZIP archives files, use a recent version of your favorite ZIP-packer (e.g. unzip, WinZip, or the Java archive tool JAR, which also reads ZIP-format files). If you experience problems after unpacking, check the directory and file permissions on Unix/Linux systems. On Windows, don't use WinZip 6.2 or older.

The jfig editor:

  • jfig3.jar   Sorry. Recently, I got two serious bug reports which have now been confirmed, and jfig downloads are suspended until these have been resolved.

    The complete jfig editor software, but without the built-in PDF export library. JDK/JRE 1.4 or later required.

  • jfig3-itext.jar   Sorry. Recently, I got two serious bug reports which have now been confirmed, and jfig downloads are suspended until these have been resolved.

    The complete jfig editor software including a copy of the iText PDF-library. Download this archive file if you plan to use the built-in PDF-export functions. JDK/JRE 1.4 or later required. Visit the iText-homepage at www.lowagie.com/iText for details, documentation, and license information about iText.

    For further information, see: LICENSE, registration, README, FAQ, and CHANGES.

    The Step by step instructions for installing jfig on Windows XP might be helpful, if you are not accustomed to installing Java applications.

    On Windows and Macintosh systems with a working installation of JDK/JRE 1.4 (or higher), you should also be able to double-click the "jfig3.jar" file after downloading to start the editor (note: the JDK does not like directory names with spaces in them). Note: on Mac OS X, you might prefer to download the jfig-bundle (see below) which includes jfig3-itext.jar and fig2dev.

Additional jfig downloads:

  • jfig-bean.jar   A standalone FIG-viewer packaged as a Java Bean component and ready to be used in GUI builders. Download this archive if you want to add a FIG viewer to your own applications. Requires JDK 1.4+ (Swing). See the bean page for details and documentation.

  • jfig TeX support macros   The LaTeX support macros described in the jfig tutorial, e.g. \calA or \Sum.

The fig2dev utility:

The xfig companion tool fig2dev allows exporting FIG format drawings to a variety of other vector-graphics or bitmap-image file formats, including Postscript, IBMGL/HPGL, and LaTeX.

To get the latest version of fig2dev, check ftp.x.org or any Linux mirror near you. However, compiling fig2dev for platforms other than Unix/Linux is not trivial, because the program uses many Unix-specific features. Therefore, the link below provides a ready-to-run executable of fig2dev.3.2.3 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, built using the Cygwin tools. Unfortunately, some features of the Unix fig2dev had to be disabled for legal reasons (e.g. GIF export), many others for technical reasons (e.g. no pipe support on Windows). Still, the fig2dev.exe should be able to handle most drawings.

  • fig2dev3.2.3d-windows.zip A ZIP-archive with a precompiled fig2dev.3.2.3d executable for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and the required cygwin1.dll runtime link library. The program includes support for embedded XBM, GIF, JPEG, PNG images. See the README in the archive for detailed information, installation instruction and the copyright stuff.

  • The modified sources for fig2dev.3.2.3 are available on request.

  • fig2dev3.2.3-mac-osX.zip A Zip-archive with precompiled fig2dev and transfig 3.2.3 executables for Mac OS-X (with JPEG but without PNG support). Note: one user reported (on 2006.08.03) that the program won't run on the newer Intel-based Macs; beware.

Documentation and examples

Some jfig online-documentation, examples, and clipart:

  • The jfig tutorial and user guide (PDF format, 1 MByte).

  • Step by step instructions for installing jfig on Windows XP (provided by Oz Shy)

  • jfig-classdoc.zip A JAR/Zip archive with the complete javadoc-generated class documentation for jfig. Only required for developers.

  • FIG DSP library Zip-archive with a FIG symbols for digital signal processing, especially for drawing filter (FIR/IIR/Audio) block diagrams. Note: the objects are made for metric coordinates.

  • Also, check our gallery for a few typical jfig drawings.

  • www.xfig.org The xfig homepage. Please check their online xfig user manual, which also covers most functions of jfig. The webpage also has links to many example figure files and library objects (cliparts).

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